Saturday, May 24, 2014

Replacement Desk

 My neighbors lent me a desk for a while and, although I didn’t use it a lot (it was a bit small), I did like having it in my room. Since they took it back for their son to use, I’ve really missed having it. So I am going to attempt to build a replacement. I am using the writing desk from WWMM as a template.
 The sides and back are a glue-up of construction grade 3/4 ply and 5mm ply that I had from previous projects. the center spine is a glue-up of 2 pieces of 5/8” ply. The bottom rails are just 1×2 furring strips cut to length.
The front legs are cut from a piece of “whitewood” 1×4 that I had from a previous project and the back legs are cut from a piece of 1×4 pine that I was able to scavenge. They are glued together then cut to 1 1/2” square. I haven’t decided yet if I want to taper the legs or not.

The top is a piece of 3/4” birch-faced plywood (not birch veneer ply) cut to 20”x40”.
 I already cut most of the pieces to size and am now staining the top, sides and back a darker color for some contrast. Once this is done and all is assembled, I plan on giving the entire thing a layer or two of clear poly for protection.

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