Sunday, February 16, 2014

Warriors of Light - Dice mechanic considerations

 Yep, my idea of a game now has a semi-official name: Warriors of Light. It'll do for now. Therefore, until I change it again all game-related stuff will be labelled with that or "WoL" so you can follow along at home if you like.
 So, right or wrong, I am starting this colossally-huge project by thinking about the dice mechanics. I know a few things I want and a few that I don't so here's how this went:

Dice scheme                               What I like                                     What I don't like
D-20                       It's simple, roll a d20, add your mods                Pass/fail, no greys unless
                              compare that to a target and your done              the GM adds it.

GURPS                  Still fairly simple                                                More complex than
                                                                                                          d-20, Still no grays

Dragon age            Stunts                                                                   Still pass/fail

FUDGE                 Pluses and minuses give some grey                    

Warhammer           Success & Fail AND Advantage &                     A bit more complex than
                              Disadvantage built into the dice                          I was hoping for with the dice pool

 Well, as it's the closest I found, I am gonna steal Warhammers' "Story Dice" because, with the dice pool and 4 states, you can Succeed but cause a Disadvantage as well as Fail but cause an Advantage. I like this. Also, in WFRP the PLAYER rolls all dice and helps shape the story by interpreting the results.
 In WFRP you can't have a critical success unless you have applied at least one skill rank to what you're trying to do. This makes sense but eliminates the "Critically Lucky" factor of rolling a natural 20.
 I may change my mind later but, for now, "story dice" it is.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The shoulders of giants

  If you know me at all, you know that I've been playing games since I was, well, it's been a while. I started with Dungeons & Dragons red box basic edition and moved on to expert, then Advanced 2nd edition and 3rd edition. I've also messed about with GURPS, Warhammer Fantasy, Toon and others. But I've never been 100% satisfied with any of them, especially when it comes to the idea of Magic.
 Magic is one of those ideas that's hard to deal with in a game "simulation" like D&D and I understand that. The problem, in my opinion, is that of "here's the spells that exits and you can choose up to x number of them". What? Magic shouldn't have rules like that. As soon as you say "if I have A, say B and do C I get result 1" that's science; A+B+C=1 is science, not Magic. If 'real' magic did exist, it would be shaped and colored by the person accessing it. Even if there were similar end results, like a magical bolt of pure force, your would be accessed differently than mine and the results could look very different, even from casting to casting as it could be shaded by emotions and such.
 It is for this reason and others that I am being dumb enough to try to modify a game to work the way I want. No set spell lists, just a resource pool that you can tap and use in whatever way you want.
 It is going to be a HUGE job. I know this. Especially since I will be pulling ideas from at least five different sources.
 There are pieces that will be lifted directly from other games so this will likely never be published. Too many legal issues to be worth it. If it ever done, it will only be for myself. But I'm going to try.

 Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2nd try

 I had started this once and decided I wasn't able to write what I wanted to because I didn;t have the knowledge to. So here goes again. this is just going to be a collection of thoughts and stuff with no real connection except they all come from me.
 All I ask from you is to read with an open mind and, if you comment, try to be positive even if you don't agree with what I have to say. You can disagree without being abusive and stuff.