Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 I started working on a project last week that involved my fledgling wood working skills. (I'm still a newb so don't expect much)
 IF I can get it done, I'm wanting to gift it. Here's hoping.

WOL: Stalled

 I knew it would happen, I just didn't know when.

 Progress has been made and some things have evolved. Here's where I am:
  • Attributes were based on the classic 6 but some were changed for the sake of flavoring:
    • Strength becomes Brawn
    • Dexterity becomes Agility
    • Intelligence becomes IQ
    • Wisdom remains the same
    • Constitution becomes Body
    • Charisma becomes Presence
  • All attributes got descriptions and examples
 I have designed the four major races I'm starting with: Human, Elf, Dwarf and Small-folk. Each has a bonus to something that the other does not as well as starting attributes assigned. I'm still working on some flavor-text for each but that is mostly done.
 I have started working on the four major classes (Cleric, Fighter, Thief and Spellcaster) and have decided to have specialties within each class that will have different talents available (E.G. a Battlepriest will have different talents than a Invoker or Healer).
 Talents are proving to be more difficult than I'd hoped...
 Skills are separate from the classes and any class can take any skill to allow for LOTS of customization of your character. Skills are skill being worked on.
 Magic is being a pain in the behind, as I knew it would. Figuring out the sweet-spot of power by tier is hard. I want to have enough but not too much and having no real "spell level" makes it that much more difficult.
 Armor and weapons have not even been started. Same with "monsters" and the "base world" all this will start in.

 I'm still banging my head on this and will try to keep up with this better.